Finding the Best Charities for Children – the Ultimate Approach

As per a survey, about 1.5 million charities of children are working in the USA which is nonprofit. The aim of these charities is to work effectively to make a difference. It is really a difficult task to decide which are the best charities to donate to? Most of the times we see an email circulating on the internet and it suggests thinking before you donate to anybody. It also specifies the organizations that are not worthy of your donation. The reason is that the CEO receives most of the compensation.

Most of the people keep on circulating such emails and they don’t bother to verify its content. But their intention is good as we all have to think about the best charities for children. It should go to the children who really need it. There is a norm that should be kept in the account before donating a charity and we will discuss it in this article.

Before choosing the best charities for children we should consider these things.

A Cause you are most concerned about

Sometimes you are more concerned about a cause and you care a lot about some areas of your passion. It can be a mission, an environment, abortion prevention, a research regarding a disease like can cancer, a museum, art etc. You will be more informed and engaged when you know what these charities do.

Good Financial conducting and supervising and Accountability

Always choose charities to donate to that are spending more money on programming and little amount on administrating and fundraising. It is not easy to determine the overhead cost of any organization as it depends on the type of organization, its size, and its stage of the lifecycle. The reason is that a new organization will spend a lot in first few years on administration and fundraising. It is a general rule to spend 90% on programming and only 10% on fundraising. It also includes the amount of salary they pay to their CEO.

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Good charities always have a good governance and independent board. All of their activities are clear and informed. Almost five members are those who are not the employees and they are also not the family members of CEO. If there are a big staff and more family members then definitely they will not be able to work properly.

Kinship and Affinity

Choose those charities with which you have a special affiliation or you have a personal connection. It can be a church, a denomination or any organization. If you are more close to the organization then you will be able to give them more confidently. You will be sure that they are doing exactly what they are saying. You will be sure about it that they are doing what you are hoping from them.

It is better to contact them to get information about their work. Always ask them about the amount of income they spend on administration and programming. Make sure they are open and transparent in their activities.