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At Math Mirror®—home of the Math inquiries Project® (MiP)—we are exploring the challenges facing math and, importantly, algebra education among 8th graders with our special focus on the state of California.

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Research to Change Your Conversation about Algebra

Whether you are a teacher, parent, policy maker or student, there is a wealth of unique and original research on the Math Mirror website. The topics of the research address some of the most pressing issues in math education today.

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Grimmway School Class

Grimmway Academy: A Model School for the Twenty-First Century

Based on rave reviews about Grimmway Academy, Math inquires Project visited this innovative charter school in Arvin, CA, to see for itself what makes this so successful. Read about this remarkable school in our blog posts by Juliet Kunkel.

The Perfect School
Eighth graders in California tell us:

• What their dream school would look and be like.
• What engages them in learning.
• What gets them excited about school.
• What makes them want to study of math and algebra.

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Math In California

Math inquiries Project® has added a new Math In California section: news concerning mathematics education—particularly algebra—that is specific to each county. We feel that distinguishing between these conversations at the county level is important, since each county differs in the way they are moving forward in developing math education.

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Keith Devlin Perspective

Learning Math Through Video Games

NPR's Math Guy Keith Devlin was interviewed by the Math inquiries Project about how to use technology in teaching algebra.

Read all of our interview with Dr. Keith Devlin

Latest Perspective

Great News from Math Mirror®

Happy New Year to everyone that follows the Math inquiries Project® research and contributions to the change of conversation about algebra in our State.... Our energies on the Math Mirror® are defined in our mission statement: The Math inquiries Project initiative is an agent for change in the ongoing evolution of math education in California, dedicated to redirecting the conversation among teens so they may begin to comprehend the profound role of algebra in their lives. Our team has been busy the last ten years founding and growing MiP based on this mission. See Full Post →

Latest From MiP's Blog

Research Table of Contents

Posted by MiP • Jan 4, 2014

Math inquiries Project website, Math Mirror®, is a wide ranging source of research about mathematics, primarily focused on middle school algebra. MiP is committed to creating a more positive conversation about algebra at the critical point when it is first introduced to middle school students. MiP believes it is essential that algebra education and its benefits are better understood by more students, resulting in opening the doors to greater options in colleges and careers thus leading to greater economic prosperity. Read Full Post →

Recent Math News

The Impact of Educational Achievement on National Prosperity

September 11, 2013

The most important issue in the minds of educators, policy makers, and the general public as a whole, is the regrettable state of our public education. In their Wall Street Journal article on September 12, 2013, Peterson and Hanushek discuss the significant and negative economic ramifications of our American students’ low proficiency in math. See Full Post →

For teachers, parents, public policy makers, math researchers, and students, Math Mirror gives you an invaluable resource to research the latest in middle school math in California.

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